Iggy's Always In Love

::: {.Section1}  Iggy Kin is the philosopher-king of the inkerati. He obviously loves to just [think]{style="font-style:italic"} about stuff and how it relates. Although I’m sad to see his “Tablet PC Hep” blog go away, he’s got an interesting new blog that’s actually really firing up [my]{style="font-style:italic"} brain about smart clients and Tablets. He’s blogging in ink in OneNote, and then he does a kind of “header” in a blogging client I guess he wrote. And then he also includes a Word file, just for the full-text searching, I guess.

What’s just bullet-in-the-head obvious about it, though, is how good OneNote is. And how easy is it to clink a link and open Iggy’s content in OneNote (of course, I’d be much less likely to do this if OneNote had macros).  Meanwhile, I’m spending my working hours slaving away on an Ink-based Wiki and just thinking “Man, why can’t I just do a smart client?”

I am not sorry that I love great technology, I love .NET, Google, Bloglines and the tablet PC

Why I Love great Technology
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