I Want My DeltaVees!

::: {.Section1} Oh, man! These guys have figured out how to tap into the accelerometers inside their Apples! And here, my M200 sits with its accelerometers locked away behind undocumented device drivers…

Apple's PowerBook laptops now have a little accelerometer inside that's used to protect the hard drive if you drop it (it notices the sudden speed increase and parks the drive heads). This guy has found a way to tap into the sudden motion sensor, and Timo was just round my house with his brand new PowerBook, so we spent a few minutes of looking at the stuff on that site (a window that rotates so it's always the right way up). Then we saw there was a little tool that gives you the angle of the machine in three dimensions. Aha. (I love accelerometers.)

After a few more minutes, we had the tilt sensor controlling Timo's music. [Via]{style="FONT-STYLE: italic"} [Interconnected] :::