Computerworld Developer Survey -- Some Dubious Numbers

The headline in this survey in Computerworld is that C# is the most-used corporate development language, but my eye caught on some other numbers:

22% of respondents said they were developing 64-bit applications. 24% said they were developing wireless applications. Both those numbers are total bull. Both those areas require specialized tools that have nothing like 1/5-1/4 market penetration. Last year I did some work for AMD explaining 64-bit development to game developers and those guys were skeptical. Probably these numbers come from people thinking “Well, our database is supposed to be 64-bits and we develop apps for that. People access their email on their Blackberries and we send email.”

In 16 years of reading such surveys, I've learned corporate development surveys always overstate heterogeneity (and, boy, do they overstate “purchasing influence”).