I bricked my SMT5600 Smartphone

I decided to switch to an official Cingular calling plan now that it's been a year since AT&T Wireless went away. I took in my year-and-change-old \$300 SMT5600 Smartphone and was told I'd have to get it unlocked before it would work with Cingular. (But it already works with Cingular...)

So I went a-Googling, installed a couple programs, did the steps, and everything seemed fine. I had an unlocked Smartphone. For 48 hours. Then... bam! ... a brick. Doesn't boot. The signal light doesn't blink. Tried a different battery, that doesn't work.

I hate computers.

So I put the SIM card my new Cingular account into my old Pocket PC Phone Edition XDA and started carrying that around. You know what? I forgot how useful a real PDA was. You can actually enter tasks and calendar appointments and jot down numbers. It's twice as big as a phone, but so what? It's not like it's heavy. No bluetooth, but I've yet to find bluetooth important.