What's wrong with being a hairdresser?

OptionsScalper's kid got a 3.93GPA on her report card and he feels relieved she won't be a hairdresser. I once heard a computer programmer testifying in his bankruptcy hearing that his ex-as-of-last-month-wife was a hairdresser in Palo Alto and made \$160,000 per year. (I was there under the mistaken belief that the bankruptcy hearing was for his company, which owed me pay for three months worth of consulting.)

Great pay. Probably pretty challenging days ("Make me look like Britney!") but I doubt it's the kind of stress you take home. Make your own hours. No chance of being stiffed for 1/4 year's worth of work (and don't pretend that you refuse clients who don't pay Net 30). No chance of being outsourced to India.

There are a lot of chemicals, though.