Energy levels: MSFT vs GOOG

::: {.Section1} [I guess a bit of a theme is emerging today, check out this account from an ex-Microsoftian on the energy levels at Google:]{style="FONT-SIZE: 10pt; COLOR: navy; FONT-FAMILY: Arial"}

A little over a year ago I left Microsoft and went to work for Google. During the interview process, one of the things that really impressed me was the energy in the work places. There were people everywhere coding, talking, obviously engaged in solving problems. Every engineer is sitting in front of dual 24" monitors cranking out code, exploring ideas, etc[?..]{style="COLOR: navy"}Those of you in the trenches writing code, there is virtually no incentive to work hard, crank out code ahead of schedule, invent and implement innovative new ideas, etc. Microsoft is just a safe place to collect a paycheck...[.]{style="COLOR: navy"}this kind of energy is what we thrive on, and whats needed from time to time to create great products[?.]{style="COLOR: navy"}This is the kind of energy that I think is missing from Microsoft. It was definitely there in the old days. [ ]{style="FONT-SIZE: 10pt; COLOR: navy; FONT-FAMILY: Arial"}