"Meltdown expected"? Fetch me my cattle prod!

A cab rider was detained for singing along to the Clash song "London Calling." Geez, lucky he wasn't singing "Guns of Brixton"

Gawd. I am so happy I'm not a teenager today. Given the bands I liked, I'd probably be in Guantanamo by now. I know that some of the stuff I wrote would have got me expelled.

I've always felt fortunate that I wasn't caught doing a bunch of stuff I did as a teenager, because instead of just working things out and becoming a pretty darn mellow guy, I know that it would have been like hooking a fish and I just would have rebelled much more ... well, I dare not say "violently" or "extremely" lest I risk extraordinary rendition ... so let's just say that I would have been even more of an insufferable know-it-all rebellious teenager.

I mean, I was just mad at Reagan and nonsense like missile defense, invading Grenada, and supply-side economics. Small beans compared to today's hypocrisy, corruption, value destruction, and delusional foreign policy.