Syncing OneNote over Multiple Machines

Killer post by Chris Pratley on setting up OneNote 12 so that it stays synchronized across multiple machines. I love OneNote and this makes me love it a little more.

Oh, and something else I just discovered that makes me love it a little more: they've added "section groups" so now you can have Notebooks | [Section Group]* | Section | Page. So, for instance, I have a Work notebook, a Section Group for a specific Client, a Section Group for each project, and then a Section for, say, Requirements, or Meetings, or Research, etc. Perfect!

Oh, and another another thing that makes me love it a little more: you can now hook an Outlook item directly to a OneNote page. So, for instance, you can schedule, say, a "Weekly Review" in Outlook for Fridays at 1PM and then when it pops up, click and up comes OneNote, all linked back and forth. You could use this as an alternative to the Daily Journal PowerToy.