Zalman CPU Coolers Don't Play Well With MSI K8T Dual-Processor ATX Motherboard

I bought two Zalman "Ultra Quiet CPU Coolers" for my new dual-processor system (which I'm building because, in a classic example of bad timing, my old motherboard blew right at the beginning of this extremely deadline-driven month). They don't work (at least two won't) with an MSI ATX motherboard. Not only do the vanes of the cooler completely cover the graphics slot, the vanes interfere with each other. ~~I'm going to still try to use one on the "first" CPU and on the second~~ For clearance reasons, I have to use the no-doubt-insanely-loud coolers that came with the motherboard. Darn it, I really wanted to have a quiet system. Liquid cooling is too extreme for me, but I may have to go that route on my next system.