40 Quatloos On the Newcomers!

Amazon has released "Unbox," their video purchase / download service. TV shows are \\(1.99 each and you get \\)1.99 rebate on your first purchase. They've got all 3 seasons of Star Trek and I'm greatly tempted to have colorful glowing brains wagering quatloos (until Kirk teaches 'em what real wagering's all about) just a mouse-click away. On the other hand, "The Omega Glory" has what is arguably Shatner's most-Shatneresque monologue ("We! The! People!"). Too, Amazon has Lost In Space which I haven't seen in 30 years, but a part of me remembers this one episode where tiny litle robots worshipped Robot (I think one tiny little robot wore a cape, to indicate his kingly status). That would probably be worth the \$0.

To actually get my business, the killer thing for me would be HDTV content. I'd pay \\(2 an episode for HDTV *Deadwood*. Heck, I'd probably pay \\)5 an episode.