search?q=vista+architecture: What's Wrong With This Result Set?

It seems to be the common wisdom that programmers, as well as the general public, are hesitant about embracing Vista. With results like the above, it's no wonder: at the moment it takes until page 5 to see a relevant text article, and even that is on the interrupt architecture. Then, on page 6, there's something on device driver architecture: good. But I have yet to find

The first result (as I write) is a video interview that Scoble did with Rob Short in December '05. I am not among those who count Scoble's video interviews as primary technical resources.

Well, it's Google, right?

Rob Short again, and then info on the Veterans Health Information Systems and Technology Architecture. Great.

Surely MSDN does better?

The first two results are on security, the next is from January 2004.

I don't know which way I should cast the blame here: on the lack of ontology in search engines (the authoritative text on Vista Architecture whatever it is ought to be ranked higher) or on Microsoft's fragmented communication. For a company that's supposed to know the value of software developers in the success of its operating systems, where is the top-down resource (but top-down, dammit, not just fluff-and-link "Get Started!" crap)? I want block diagrams, people! Blocks, I say! And I don't want those blocks to be misleading about the centrality (or lack thereof) of the .NET Framework 3.0.