iPower, my pwned host, boasts of being "Hacker safe"

I wasn't going to name names, because I do not know the vulnerability which allowed a rootkit to be installed on my system. I may well have been the source of whatever vulnerability by which the system was compromised.

But this "Hacker Safe" blaze front and center on the iPower homepage is infuriating. The blaze is provided by way of ScanAlert. Judging from the logs that I saw before I was disconnected and lost the system, multiple machines within the same subnet as mine were compromised. The technical support from iPower was beyond unhelpful: the "live technical support" is provided by a call center that is not physically located with the data center. After the initial problems on Tuesday, we requested a local reboot and tighter reconfiguration. They couldn't do it. Their only offer was to repave the machine and make it available to us over the Internet without any hardening of the attack surface! They couldn't even activate a firewall for us or modify the ACL. We told them to go jump in a lake earlier today -- four days after we discovered the compromise. Oh, and they're not refunding us any of the \$7,000 or so we paid to set up (multiple) servers with them.

iPower is "Hacker safe"? I suppose so, in a sense.

Highly not recommended.