Creating DOS/Windows VM From MSDN Downloads?

My goal is to create a VM running Windows 3.11 (VMWare by preference, but Virtual PC if it's easier).

One can download EN_MSDOS60.EXE and EN_WIN311.EXE from MSDN, but these files seem to simply be compressions of the files in the relevant distributions. Most challengingly, EN_MSDOS60.EXE uncompresses to \~6MB. I can make a bootable floppy (now that I just went out and bought a USB floppy drive), but I can't put all of the files within the DOS distro on a single floppy. Searching for variations of "Install DOS" they all talk of the DOS setup disks. If I could get the file list for the DOS setupĀ disks, I imagine that I could recreate them manually. Does anyone have that?

Or alternately, did I miss a downloadable, bootable CD-ROM image?

Or alternately, am I missing another way to accomplish my task?

Update: Looks to be a little harder than getting the right files on the floppy. My command prompts for important functions like fdisk and sys always result in "Incorrect DOS version"