John Lam reports that:

2) Miguel de Icaza spent a bunch of time lobbying us for a XamlReader.LoadFromJson() API. His reasoning was that folks don't like to type XAML, and would prefer a more wrist-friendly syntax for generating WPF/S element trees. It would be interesting to hear some feedback from folks about this. I personally prefer using a "script-driven" XAML approach where I would generate WPF/S element trees from pure Ruby code. It would be a natural fit for managed JS, of course :)

Source: Wrapping up the Compiler Dev Lab
Originally published on Thu, 24 May 2007 06:09:23 GMT by John Lam

I'm +1 on keeping that out of the XamlReader interface. Conversions-to-my-type must be treated with suspicion, since they establish a permanent contract to support the other type. Of course, the world is full of types that have MyType.Parse(TheOtherType theOtherObject) functions and they're certainly convenient, but for big heavy IO objects and formats, I don't like it. There are proven patterns to solve the problem -- scripts, wrappers, decorators, etc.