Content-Aware Image Resizing For Photo Prints

I've got a few prototypes of content-aware image resizing running and the results are interesting, perhaps primarily because the algorithm works so well that usually you say "eh, what's the big deal?" Unless there are faces in the photo, but more on that later...

Coincidentally, I ordered some prints to send to my in-laws yesterday and was reminded of the annoyance of crop differences between the standard snapshot aspect ratios. Ah hah, thinks I! I should do one of those "mashup" things the kids are all talking about!

Ideally, you'd have:

  • Easy access from your image software ("Oh, darn! Look at those default crop lines! Let me click on 'Crop Perfect'!)
  • Integration into the printing process (see above.)
  • Preview
  • Maintain original file

Hmm.... There's no Picasa plugin API (although there's a Picasa Web Album API) and in my experience, all photo-printing places use an uploading plugin. Hmmm....

Any thoughts on strategy?