More on Bash Ups...

My ever-fitful comment system is apparently acting up, so from my email come these comments in reference to this post :

I wonder if "cron" would also be a relevant addition to mashup. One of the things I tried to achieve with a Yahoo Pipe and a Google Mashup was to consume several feeds on a regular basis, XSL-T them in another form and send the result to another URL.
Maybe this is too much for free mashup platforms as it would be process intensive.

--David Dossot

Update: \<a href=""" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">John Montgomery tells me that there is a timer component in Popfly that might satisfy David's scenario.


Great thoughts on command-line "equivalents" for mashup operations.

Check out Orchestr8's AlchemyPoint for a mashup platform that provides both mouse-based and "command-line" modes of creating mashups. In command-line mode you can string together multiple 'actions' and 'conditions' to create quite varied mashups. (e.g., " email all links in 'top stories' table if they mention 'Google' "). It's very Unix shell-ish and can provide some pretty unique results.

--Elliot Turner