Bob the "programmer"

I realize that the preceding may, in fact, make me appear to be a hot-head. In fact, I may be a hot-head. But I think if there's one thing that we should value, it's our time. I spent an hour trying to "clear the cache" because he uploaded a file to the wrong directory. Never mind continuous integration, he created a new site on the test server (HTF was anyone supposed to know? WTF?). And then when I'd spent my time figuring all this out, I see that his fix wasn't to move the link outside of the loop, but to delete the loop. Who thinks that way? I mean, seriously, how could anyone with more than 12 hours experience do that?

And, mind you, there are coding "standards" that include automated tests, defect-tracking, and CI. It's not like this is the first time he's heard me get angry at the 'works fine on my machine' excuse.