Kindle Me

Amazon has shipped the Kindle, which I think may very well be the game-changing device the eBook market has been waiting for. Compatibility with PDF, plaintext, HTML, "Kindle format" (structured HTML), plus free EVDO connectivity, plus email-your-document-to-the-Kindle (killer). Books are \$9.99. If O'Reilly puts Safari on this thing, they'll sell one to every programmer in the developed world.

As a matter of fact, I'm going to start emailing PR reps of the various tech publishers trying to get a response on the Kindle. Bookmark this article, I'll update as appropriate. Or, if you are a PR professional working for a technical publisher, contact me at lobrien -at- with your press release.


No Starch : "We do not have an official position on Kindle."

O'Reilly : "We don't have a stated position on the Kindle yet, as we haven't seen one or had the opportunity to discuss it at any lengths with its developers.  Check back with us in a bit - We'll be sure to let you know as soon as we do have an opinion."

Wiley: "Wiley is excited to actively participate in the newly launched Amazon Kindle."

Pragmatic Bookshelf: "It's a tough call.  ... Our PDF's are not encumbered by DRM, so it's important that any PDF reader be able to handle that ... I'll reserve judgement on the Kindle until I have one in hand, and see how it performs in all respects"

APress: "don't have anything official to state yet."