Mandelbrot via LINQ

Fri 07 December 2007

Jon Skeet's generation of the Mandelbrot set via LINQ chaotically oscillates between absurdity and relevance, sensitive to the input of what aspect of concurrency you're thinking about. If you're thinking about efficiency, you rapidly head towards "absurd," but if you think about mental models, it rapidly heads towards relevance (by way of "declarative programming"). But as soon as your train of thought moves forward, you may find yourself flung towards either side of the spectrum. I like it.

Oh, by the way, I was going to say some things about chaotic oscillators and concurrency and I realized how sad it is that I've never mastered Flash (I can program Flash, but every time I do I have to go through a learning curve again). And then I thought about Silverlight 2.0 (nee 1.1), which I can't get to run on my dev machine because I quarantine alpha and beta products in VMs and for some reason I can't get Silverlight ... but then I thought about Mathematica and how it now has a runtime player ...