UFO Drinking Game

Sun 30 December 2007

When I was 10, this show was on Saturdays at 4:00 on UHF Channel 56. I watched the static-y, ghost-filled image on a black-and-white television with, I'd guess, a 17" screen that sat on a cheap aluminum rolling stand. I thought it was the greatest show ever. This weekend, I discovered that it was actually filmed in vibrant-is-not-the-word color and that, while other people may lament that the future did not bring the flying cars and laser blasters of pulp SF, what I lament is the absence of a moonbase staffed by hot babes in go-go attire and purple wigs.

21st Century Fashions by Sylvia Anderson

Appearance of a new groovy outfit: sip

A new groovy outfit places inappropriate emphasis on a secondary sexual characteristic: drink

Conscious will incapable of keeping eyes from straying to groovily-attired secondary sexual characteristic: chug!

1980: The Future

The future seems inexplicably colorful: sip

The future seems unnervingly reliant on balsa wood and styrofoam construction: drink

You involuntarily exclaim "Yeah, that's exactly how things were in 1980!": chug!

Hey Kids, Let's Put On A Show!

Attention wanders from incomprehensible plot: sip

Actors seem to be on different pages re. how seriously to play scene: drink

Dramatic zoom!: chug!