Hiring Freelance Flash Programmer...

Tue 29 July 2008

I have a job that is probably about 120 hours total work for a good Flash programmer. By that, I mean I estimate that you could probably do it in about 30 hours, but if you can deliver in 120, everyone is happy.

The only caveat is that you need to be able to write ActionScript that's not an offense to the profession of programming. I don't want to see scaling and positioning with magic numbers:

   var FramePointDistance = ((Number(frame_Point[2])-Number(frame_Point[0])) + 15)/4;  _root.main.frameMC._xscale = Math.floor((currentFramedistant/146)*100);     _root.main.frameMC._yscale = Math.floor((currentFramedistant/146)*100);         _root.main.frameMC._x = -(210 - (210 - _root.main.frameMC._width)/2) ;  //showError(_root.main.frameMC._width +":"+currentFramedistant);    //_root.main.frameMC._x = -(140 + main.frameMC.pic._width/4) ;_root.main.frameMC._x     //_root.main.frameMC._y = -(130 + Math.floor(main.frameMC.pic._height/1.5)) ;//     _root.main.frameMC._y = -(127 + Math.floor(Number(frame_Point[1]))) ;

Drop me a line with salary requirement and availability at lobrien\@knowing.net