Throwing over Flash for Silverlight...Wise?

I have a client who needs a Web-page component that does some photo compositing. Nothing super-fancy, but it needs to be professional, obey some business rules, and do some things dynamically based on static data.

The prototype is in Flash, but is filled with hideous programming -- magic numbers, a big monolithic function, etc. Today, the client said that they would be willing to accept the installed-base problem of Silverlight if I recommended it.

Well... It seems to me: Flash's programming story remains, if not terrible, nothing to write home about. Silverlight's programming story is pretty stellar -- a vast programming base from which I can draw the people to do the business rules and dynamic stuff (i.e., the programming). Flash may be beloved by designers, but for photo-compositing, I don't see a great advantage over WPF / Silverlight.

Am I wrong?

One way or the other, if you're a great Flash programmer or have some experience in Silverlight, I'm hiring... Drop me a line direct at lobrien -at- knowing -dot- net.

[Update:]{style="color:red"} "Not fair to compare poorly written Flash to green-field Silverlight" was one comment, but I am not comparing the code, I am comparing the code-creation possibilities (and, to some extent, the ecosystem. I think I want people who see the task as programming, not people who see the task as a design issue). "Try Flex," came a message from Adobe, which is certainly fair -- we have a prototype in Flash, Flex has a better programming story than Flash-the-development-environment, Flash is universal. Still looking for developers, but now I'll throw "Flex developers" into the mix as well...