2009: Slow Boot

Tue 13 January 2009

For much of the past week, I've been doing a bunch of accounting stuff. I am incorporating (as "Faster Programmer LLC" ? as in "Faster can mean both higher productivity and higher performance," but actually as in "Faster, Programmer! Code! Code!") and trying to get monetary things (new bank account, credit card, tax situation) as clean as possible.

Unfortunately, that's meant not getting any work done for either my clients, the Jolt Awards (in full swing, although I have to wonder if this is not the last time), or my recreational programming.

Meanwhile, I got myself a present for my recently-passed 45th birthday, a StellarVue 102ED. I got first light through it last night (not a very dark night, but M42 was spectacular, of course), an astronomy club meeting is tonight, and then on Thursday there's a star party up on Mauna Kea (How cool is that? Assuming, that is, by "cool" you mean "geeky." Which I do). All of which means sleep deprivation.