Kindle-d But Not Available

Thu 26 February 2009

The New Yorker is now available in Kindle form. I subscribe to The New Yorker and have access to it in a browser, but the Kindle subscription is not linked to my physical subscription and their customer service says "Nope, can't link 'em." (Heck, I'd probably _trade_ my physical subscription for the Kindle version -- aside from the very occasional photo-essay, the New Yorker is text and cartoons, which is perfect for the Kindle.)

The other day I bought a (dead-tree) technical book on Amazon. As part of the checkout process, I was offered a \\(5 "upgrade" to read it online. "Yeah, okay," I thought. Again, what I was given was a browser-based viewer. The book is \_available\_ on the Kindle for \\)29. So I wasted my \\(5 and will never use that option again. But had they offered me a \\)5 (or even \$10) "physical book + Kindle" bundle, I'd do it every time.