Kindle Monospaced Fonts: Fail

Mon 09 February 2009

~~A mixed bag:~~

The Kindle has Greek characters, but not complete math (in the image below, there should be a ⇔ \<=> character).

~~It converts Courier (at least) to monospaced, but does not auto-convert Consolas:~~

As you can see, neither the Courier nor the Consolas work (just look at the difference in space taken by ||||| and mmmmm).

This is a PDF conversion, ~~so it’s possible that a different authoring route (perhaps Kindle specific) is necessary to get monospaced fonts~~ (See update below…) . Bad news for programmers:



Update: Ah hah!

I managed to trigger the Kindle monospaced font by converting from HTML and using the \<pre> tag:


More bad news, though: using an explicit HTML \<font face=”Courier”> tag does not work.