The only thing nicer than vacationing in Hawai'i is getting on a plane and realizing that you're going back home... to Hawai'i.

Tina and I spent the Summer in Milwaukee, where her parents live. Unfortunately, the Summer for me was dominated by rotten work developments.

I had planned on doing little income-generating work this Summer, instead investing in some longer-term goals. Unfortunately, my client wanted to add new spangles and gew-gaws to their project and I wanted to keep them happy.

The manager in charge of the project died in a terrible accident. The owner of the company suddenly got involved, flipped out, and decided to cancel the whole project. Which is his right, of course, but he also decided not to pay my company for the work that had been done in the previous 8 weeks. So that meant that I had to pay my developers out of my own pocket. So not only did I end up working for free for the Summer, my obligations to my developers erased my (relatively good) Spring profits.

What sucks about it is that, even though I'm confident that I would ultimately prevail in a legal battle, I am also sure that I would have to spend money out of pocket to a lawyer and I wouldn't win for at least a year. So I'm very seriously considering sucking up this really brutal loss and just moving on to new projects.