Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-17

  • JetBrains looking for a Java developer #
  • Happy binary palindrome day! 01-11-10 #
  • Fearing that the Haiti EQ is going to have big casualties -- a 7.0 just outside a city with poor and ignored building codes? Bad news. #
  • Flash runtime in JavaScript ( is impressive, but not answer for the iPhone. Abstraction eats power. #
  • They're rebooting Spiderman already #
  • My favorite read of last year was "The Lost City of Z" So this find is interesting: #
  • grand central #
  • Rumor of Grand Central Station in NYC SWAT action. Bing Twitter search here: #
  • Now rumor is that Grand Central SWAT action was twitter hoax. Some say "I'm there, no prob," others say "Lots of activity." CNN silent. #
  • Nothing on NY1, nothing on CNN re Grand Central Activity. No photos. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence, but skepticism rising. #
  • My hearing's been over-sensitive for the past several days. Not ringing, but like the gain's turned up too much. Allergy thing? #
  • Neil Young "Pants on the Ground" #
  • Pretty close to abandoning Saros in favor of VNC for remote pair programming. Anyone want to dissuade me? Saros crashes on file synch. #

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