Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-31

  • Gorgeous AM -- Southern Cross, Scorpio rising -- before dropping Tina off at KOA for biz trip to HNL. #
  • Surprisingly un-blown-away by iPad. I like the keyboard dock (can I get that for my iPhone) and lower-than-expected \$, but otherwise... #
  • Vog-free days are bittersweet: Fracking gorgeous reminder of how oppressive the vog is. #
  • I've used fullscreen touchpad keyboards and fullscreen touchpad keyboards stink. Back of iPad is curved like iPhone 3GS, so RLY sux. #
  • Jobs "purchased" True Compass eBook for \\(14.99. Kindle price for "TC" is \\)9.99. Demo SNAFU or \$5 iPad premium? (My guess: SNAFU.) #
  • Finger may be superior to stencil for user input on phone. Not as clearcut on pad. Market for capacitive "pens." #
  • This is a link to a funny blog post: #
  • RT @moon RIP JD Salinger #
  • Google Wave needs a way to indicate "Yes, I'm nodding as you write" or "Hmm, I'm a little doubtful." #
  • Developer of Origami (MS slate pad) reacts to iPad: #
  • Pondering: since Apple didn't do innovative s/w for iPad, is there opp for developing, eg, pie menus? #
  • Downloading new iPhone SDK, which means that I'm going to have to shut up discussing APIs for slate... #
  • DANG! Bing Twitter Maps just stole my demo! #
  • I've been using git for two months now but I don't "get" why people are passionate about DVCS. Any links for "zen" (not mechanics) of DVCS? #
  • Staring at an RFP to create an RIA that integrates with ... Excel 97. Shoebox full of MSDN CDs FTW! #
  • Confused: Aren't Flash and Flex open source now and doesn't Flash have a compiler? Can 3rd party/OSS create iPhone Flash native ala Mono? #

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