Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-07

  • Are there any shows on the Discovery Channel that are NOT narrated by Mike Rowe? #
  • Resolved: Pair programming is NOT a good idea when learning an API. Debate? (Pair prog is BEST way to learn an API?) #
  • Colorado Springs going to cut 1/3 of streetlights to aid city budget. Sounds like a good idea to me -- I hate streetlights. #
  • The @dailyshoot is "Show whether it's more like Spring or more like Winter." One of those "Why, yes, I _do_ live in Hawaii..." days... #
  • Did a good deed today but my car just failed it's safety check and it's \$500 to fix. #karma_fail #
  • Finally reading DeLillo (White Noise) -- OMG can this guy write. #
  • Clear Climate Code: FOSS for climate science. Great idea, apparently making good progress: #
  • Kindle API spec now public -- SDK still requires application: #

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