Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-21

  • Sunday freedive at Two-Step (Honaunau). Not great vis, but calmer than I expected. Sick of the snow? Not too late for a Spring Hawaii trip! #
  • Doing faux tilt-shift in Photoshop of Machu Picchu. Stupid fun. #
  • New Phone OS from Microsoft (Win 7 Mobile) -- striking UI, clean break from previous OS. Very bold, very nice. #
  • Go to minute 5 in this TED talk about Bing Maps: #
  • I hate \<table>. I hate CSS. I hate browsers and their incompatibilities. #
  • Bought @bach4life 's Silverlight eBook (good). Only can read it using Adobe Digital Editions, with no way to x'fer to Kindle (bad). #
  • Sat down at computer to find emails establishing a serious frack-up. Everyone's being nice about it, but bummer of a day-start. #
  • Plunging into \<table> -> CSS refactoring. If this is the last you hear from me, do not try to recover the body. #
  • Surfacing after my \<table>->CSS refactoring project. I need a shower. #
  • Drunkest Cities and Hawaii's best is only #88 Obviously they've ...oh, Friday noon... pau hana maitais @ my place! #
  • Client site launched successfully -- 22 minute cutover. Nice. #

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