Link Clearance

Mon 01 March 2010

Cleaning out my "Write blog post commenting upon..." folder...

Consulting / Business Topics

Flickr as a Business Simulator

Once You Announce A Date, You're Already Late

How Hard Should Your Startup's Technology Be?

AppFund Offers VC Money for iPad Apps

The Listening Engine


Commonly Confused Tidbits re. .NET Garbage Collector

The Cambrian Period of Concurrency

Tasks & Asynchronous Control Flow

Lifting T Out of Task With Dynamic Dispatch

Axum - A Domain-Specific Concurrent Programming Language

Prefer Futures to Baked-In "Async APIs"


"M" Language Type Definitions for 280+ Data Models

Questionnaire DSL With Microsoft "Oslo" Overview

Focusing on Data

Implementing a LINQ version of SQL's LIKE operator

Using LINQ and Reflection to Find Matching Properties of Objects

Why Normalization Failed To Become The Ultimate Guide For Database Designers?

Web Dev

Multibrowser or CrossBrowser Testing

A Brief Introduction To The Reactive Extensions for .NET, Rx

First Encounters with Reactive Extensions

LINQ to RX: Second Impressions