Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-14

Sun 14 March 2010
  • Signing off so that I can watch the Oscars spoiler-free. Up "Hurt Locker"! Down "Avatar"! #
  • Edward Tufte takes Gov't app't to chair production of reports on recovery spending. #
  • First good rain in Kona in months yesterday afternoon. Cleaned out sky for gorgeous stars and blazing mars. #
  • Any other #oceanic cable subscribers get a black screen on the HD Oscar feed last night? Happy I caught it quickly and switched over to SD #
  • Was going "awww..." at new chick brood when hen of last week's brood showed up and established "pecking order." Chickens fight nasty. #
  • Felt the 4.4M EQ in Kalaoa, but it was minor shake here -- "I think that was an EQ"-level. #
  • I may have to move back to the mainland just so I can see Tron in 3D. #
  • Got a strong opinion about Ruby IDEs? DM me -- I'm writing an article... #
  • Writing Ruby program that solves problem: 1 hr. Getting ActiveRecord to work with ODBC on client's XP machine: 2 hrs and counting. #
  • Today would be the 76th birthday of Yuri Gagarin, first human in outer space. He died in 1968. #
  • I segfaulted on a client's machine and now power's out on Oahu. Damn, I'm good. #
  • Great talk by Josh Wallawender at astro club last night. Automated observatories: new science for cheap. #
  • 602SQL ODBC driver : Segfaults with Ruby and C# on any access. Anyone ever work with this thing? Should I bother to try JDBC driver? PHP? #
  • The only way to learn C++ in 21 days : #
  • Chuck Norris turns 70 today. Now he's Miyagi-Norris. Next: Zombie-Norris. More unbeatable every day. #
  • One thing I hate about initial engagements: Just identifying rather than exploring (and fixing) problems. "Maybe easy, maybe hard." :-( #
  • RT @CTarleton: @HonAdv I would rather pay for tsunami safety than a special election, if you don't mind. Thanks. (via @Cynthia_Hoskins) #
  • Nanoconchord: The time between discovering Jemaine Clement is in "Gentlemen Broncos" and moving it to the top of your Netflix queue. #
  • Told nephew we didn't have robotics competition when I was his age. "How tech has changed the world" he sez. I'll show you old, you little b #
  • iProcessing: The Processing language ported to the iPhone. #
  • Totally distracted by a totally non-critical email. If I could only channel the amount of work I put into being lazy... #
  • RT \@agilenature: LOL: A day in the life of a programmer [PIC] #
  • Is Jerry Remy (RemDawg) going to be back announcing for the Red Sox this year? My MBL.TV subscription choice depends on it... #
  • Watching nephew's robotic team compete at Kill! Crush! Destroy! #
  • Hawaii tweeps: Any truth to rumor discount meat trucks are cover for burglary ring? #bialoha #
  • Nephew's robotic team battling leaders. SWEEP THE LEG! COBRAI KAI! #
  • Messier Marathon Star Party up at Mauna Kea VIS tonight. Sounds like >6 telescopes with 18"+ apertures will be there. #

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