Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-21

Sun 21 March 2010
  • Hadn't heard about the Massa scandal before SNL last night. Now: Happy that I refer to my favorite pastime as "freediving," nor "snorkeling" #
  • LOL: #
  • I love music but \\(380K for HI County brass band is stupid. Defund and let 'em raise funds as nonprofit. Put \\) in music educ or fix potholes #
  • Jetski becomes Hovercraft becomes Plane. \\(13K. Ridiculous markup! The plans can be bought from comic books for \\)10 #
  • When you create a patch for FOSS while working for a client, do you credit client with patch ("This patch supported by...") or somesuch? #
  • The one day a year Tina can't veto me playing Stiff Little Fingers really, REALLY loudly. #
  • Spend 90% of your money today on women and Irish whiskey. Waste the rest. #
  • Note to self: Never get another haircut from a barber leaving town in 4 days. #
  • RIP Alex Chilton: #
  • Kindle for Mac S/W Now Available: #
  • XBox has died: locks up with graphics freeze shortly after boot. eBay used console or spend 3x for new unit? #
  • "What would you do with 48 cores?" AMD contest, \$8K hardware prize. Deadline 3/24 #
  • Is it true that film stock is transparent to IR? So can you make an IR filter for your DSLR from a med-format negative of a graycard? #
  • Alan Zeichick's dead-on take of CocoaTouch vs. Android vs. Win7 Phone: #
  • Yep. #
  • Passed sign waver dressed as a mattress. In Hawaii. At 11am. #living_the_dream #
  • Elapsed time: 14 minutes. My costco-Fu is unbeatable! #
  • "Multicore requires OS rework, Windows architect advises" via @rickasaurus -> MS is just realizing this NOW? Can't be. in reply to rickasaurus #
  • Happy Spring Equinox! #
  • 4th or 5th rainshower this week in Kona. Looks like the drought's breaking... #

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