Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-28

Sun 28 March 2010
  • RT @rickasaurus: Astronomers Find Black Holes Do Not Absorb Dark Matter #space #
  • Conservatives reacting with same fury & dismay that liberals reacted to Iraq 7 yrs ago. My theory: "we'll muddle along." #
  • Resolver One (Python-powered and -programmable spreadsheet) is one of my 2-3 top new apps in the past decade. Buy it on 3/31 for \$40. #
  • They just hit a sewer pipe at Hualalai Center #
  • Content-Aware Fill looks awesome, but will it be in CS5 or is it just a demo of a future capability? #
  • My lack of graphic skill is killing me on this demo. Good code, but I just know that the reaction is going to be "Ugh! That's not pretty!" #
  • As I look at a piece of JavaScript '));});' I think how amusing it is that people complain about LISP's parentheses #
  • Heavy vog today in Kona... :-( #
  • Almost pau hana... #
  • Pau hana! No work til Monday... #
  • What is the equivalent of GGeoXml in Google Maps API 3? #lazyweb #google_maps #geolocating #
  • I love it when a plan comes together... #

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