Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-18

  • Thought Experiment: All songs sold on the iTunes store must be originally composed on a piano, organ, or guitar. #
  • "Tiberius Cologne" Set odor on stunning! #
  • Facebook now lets you @-dress tag someone and then emails you the comments to that post. Spam countdown: 10, 9, 8, 7... #
  • "I'm 21...the ‘books’ that come to define my generation will be impossible to print. This is great." #
  • Short sharp EQ felt in Kalaoa #
  • Wow. #
  • I was going to do the same thing with "Aguirre: The Wrath of God" #
  • Getting depressed listening to Red Sox game... #
  • Those with a view of the Sunset tonight should look for a beautiful crescent moon nestled above Mercury and near Venus. #
  • I love writing, but it's absolutely amazing how rebellious my mind is about settling in and getting to work. Oh! Recycling needs sorting! #
  • Moon and the Pleiades last night were absolutely GORGEOUS. Hope you had a chance to see them... #
  • STL ties game 1-1 in bottom of 19th inning! 20th inning coming up! #
  • If you live in the Midwest, go out of your way to see the Shuttle re-enter tomorrow AM. It's an astonishing sight and few chances left... #
  • My fantasy baseball team is absolutely imploding. Oh yeah, and the Red Sox, too. #

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