Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-04

  • Christopher Walken performs Poker Face: #
  • 2 hours and my app hasn't been approved yet... ARGH!!!!!! #
  • 20/20 vision is ability to discriminate two lines or pixels at 1 arcminute (1/60th of 1 degree). #things_I_never_knew #
  • Hawaiians Poised For USA Coup d'Etat: #
  • Average app review time is 7-10 days on new iPhone apps. Whoa is me! #
  • Test from Tweetstation #
  • MSFT kills Kin phone 6 weeks after launch Ouch. #
  • They should have glued a ShamWow! to the back of the Kin. Or made the battery shake back and forth and sold it as an exercise device. #
  • Rumor is that Twilight cast member will be at Makalapua Theatre in Kona Saturday #
  • Marlin tourney just started. Boats zooming from Honokohau\@N00/4757627195/ #
  • Wow. That was a bad ass fight #
  • Go Red Sox! #

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