Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-11

Sun 11 July 2010
  • Apparently no one came in to work on their weekend or day off in order to review my iPhone app. Someone get Steve Jobs on the phone! #
  • Alien vs. Ninja (Man, you just know they're going to ruin the book...) #
  • Happy aphelion! #
  • iMovie sucks. That is all. #
  • Lingle vetoes same-sex civil unions. Pity she's a lame duck and we cannot fire her on election day. #
  • Why I value Editors: My iPhone app has a typo in a screenshot that's on the front page of its app store page. I suck. #
  • You would think that every beetle species would have evolved the ability to right themselves when upside down. And yet... #
  • OData browser written in MonoTouch -- #
  • Power out in Kalaoa #
  • Lingle's civil union veto spurs talk of boycotting Hawaii for vacations. Understandable, but of course many here hurt support equal rights. #
  • Inouye, now 3rd in line to Presidency, gets 24x7 security. Q: Where for lunch? Must scan. A: Zippy's. #
  • Discovery of multicellular life 2+Gyrs ago (50% to origin of life) is huge re search for ET. Removes fear multicel was fluke. #
  • Wish all publishers had discount for paper + eBook bundle purchase -- I'm looking at you @wrox #
  • Holy moley! I think I drove by the police marking the unexploded ordinance on Saddle Road last night at \~1AM. #
  • 1st they came for Salman Rushdie & I said nothing because I was not Salman Rushdie... Then they came for my vuvuzela... #
  • Paul the Octopus has predicted the outcome of 6 games? Wow, the odds must be like a million to one against that. #
  • Friends of mine at Easter Island Eclipse. Aug 21 2017 -- mark your calendars, North America! #
  • -----\< #
  • Vuvuzela emoticon. Use with joyful abandon. -----\< #
  • I bet every moai on Easter Island has a little cluster of carefully aligned cameras beneath it this morning, like sacrificial offerings #
  • My friend @ironwood is serializing his novel online at #
  • Kailua Kona iPhone Guide: My app now available for sale #hawaii #kona #iphone #mt #
  • All hail Paul and his cephalopdic omniscience! -----\< #
  • I, for one, welcome our new cephalopodic overlords #

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