Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-15

  • Holy crap! 2 weeks I'm on vacation and someone proves P != NP? #
  • Wikipedia doesn't have a page for "replica symmetry breaking." Dang. Other than that, I would TOTALLY follow the P != NP paper. #
  • P != NP AND "Rubik's Cube requires 20 moves" in the same month? We're in a golden age, people! #
  • For those interested in tracking the P != NP debate, I suggest for commentary #
  • Ruby has totally ruined me for whiteboard programming. I can't think anymore without a REPL. #
  • Bailing on going to astro club meeting tonight. Deciding that it's not just jetlag + allergies, but a real-live cold. :-( #
  • Directed by Julie Taymor: Check. Music by Bono & The Edge: Check. On Broadway: Check. "Spiderman The Musical": Uh...what's that now? #
  • At Don the Beachcomber Mai Tai contest -- quite a zoo! #
  • Looking at Venus, mercury, mars, Saturn, moon. Having a Mai Tai with friends. No ka oi. #

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