Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-22

Sun 22 August 2010
  • Disk Utility cannot fix my Mac boot drive. Time to find out how good Time Machine is... #
  • Looks like my Mac crashes were due to the RAM boards having worked loose. Lost a day's work and another day fixing it, but all-in-all happy #
  • The Sounds of Sorting #
  • Jays have a 9-run lead in top of 3rd. Guess those chores around house WILL get done after all. •sigh• #
  • Beta testers wanted: Shoredive Hawai'i iPhone / iPad app. DM or email to Please retweet! #
  • Beta testers wanted: Eve Online Character Dashboard iPhone/ iPad app. DM or email to Please retweet! #
  • I grant you that it's opinionated, but YAGNI #

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