Looking for Job / Contract Opportunities

One of the major quos one gets pro being on a 2-year contract quid is that it’s not disloyal, 6-months out, to publicly seek a new opportunity.

Supposedly, the software development community has weathered the Great Recession well and has come roaring back. To believe my Twitter feed, everyone works at Teh Greatest Place Ever with Teh Most Amazing Culture on Teh Most Fascinating Problems.

But I was surprised to see a top-notch developer mention he was using DICE, which I remember as a dispiriting sinkhole of utterly clueless headhunters of the “10 years experience with {2-year-old technology}” ilk. Surely, I think, the world has embraced some developer-driven jobs board such as Joel Spolsky’s or Stack Overflow’s? No? What about GitHub’s? Please tell me to do something more encouraging than trolling Dice, Monster, and Craigslist!

Or, if you happen to know a non-posted position for an experienced and competent software developer with decent communication skills and a broad-to-a-fault spectrum of language and platform experience, let me know.

My Careers 2.0 CV

I’ll be available no earlier than December and may not be available at all (depending on the budgeting strategy of a 5-nation international committee). I am based in Hawai’i and it would take a heck of an offer to tempt me to someplace that had colder water and cloudier skies.