Because The Programming Language News Cycle Is 24-Hours

Lede with MSFT's unveiling of TypeScript today. Reiterate that it targets the Web and is a superset of JavaScript. Most importantly, mention Hejlsberg early, as he and Gosling are the only programming language designers that people have actually heard of. Refer to Dart, but don't bother to mention Bak or Bracha (no one's heard of them).

Well, duh, write a sentence about explicit typing. Throw in a brief digression on misapprehensions about strong vs. loose typing to establish your PLT bona fides. Don't go too deep, though, lest you run afoul of LtU. What the hell, mention Dart again. And, what the hell, mention Bak and V8.

But more importantly, tooling. Explain IntelliSense. To be sure, dynamic languages have promised the same. Regretfully point out lack of shipped IDEs.

Segue into Windows 8. Profoundly state that this is all about that. Get a paragraph out of the past year and the whole JavaScript vs .NET languages vs C++ thing.

Which segues perfectly back to Anders. Praise for several sentences, boldly say "shoe-in for Turing Award." Reiterate C#'s evolution and focus on mainstream programming, but really this is all just a setup to get to...

"Embrace and extend." History lesson. Java. Consent decrees. Everyone will skip this part.

Bring things up with a round turn, stating that "what's old is new again." Insightfully say that MSFT no longer has the influence that it used to. But hedge your bets by praising the intelligence and experience of their language division, just in case.

End with the admonition that time will tell. Leave with a call to action: tell the readers to try it themselves.