Borland Casting Off IDE, Compilers

Today, Borland announced that they are seeking a buyer for their line of IDEs and compilers and will concentrate on their Application Lifecycle Management tools. They also announced that they're buying Segue, which on a normal day would be big news, but, my god, the end of Turbo?

This really feels like the passing of an era to me. Of course, Borland has been eclipsed (hah!) in every aspect, but Borland was such a huge part of my nascent programming / software development life and the C/C++ wars of the late 80s and early 90s so dominated my formative years in the tech magazines....

Borland is being somewhat cagey if they actually have a buyer lined up. Officially, they're saying "We're seeking..." but David I seems to feel that moving to a new company is a done deal (it may be that David I is simply in a position to retire if no buyer can be found).