Hardware Woes Continue

I finally got a dual-processor motherboard that boots (a Tyan S2885) only to discover that I only have 2GB of "registered" DDRAM, making my other 4GB of RAM worthless on this computer. Well, easy enough to deal with later, I think, happily screwing the motherboard down into my case. Now, slide the drive cages into... Now, slide the drive cages into... Wait a second...

While my Antec case technically "fits" an EATX motherboard, the drive cages are perfectly aligned in the airspace above the primary CPU slot. I tried all 3 cooler formfactors I've acquired in the past 3 months: none fit. So now I need to buy another case (\\(170 + \\)50 shipping).

Oh, and I forgot that while the motherboard booted, it didn't with 2 CPUs, so I spent an hour debugging RAM configurations before I noticed that the 8-pin CPU power plug only had wires going to 4-pins. So that was another order (\\(5 for the cable + \\)20 shipping).

I love Hawaii, but boy do I miss Fry's.