Hardware Woes: Light at the End of the Tunnel

If you've been following my "Offtopic" or "Hawaii" topics, you've been hearing me lament what it's been like assembling a non-standard desktop machine (dual processors, huge hard drives, All-in-Wonder 800XT) by mail order when you live 3,000 miles from the mainland. Well, aside from cleaning up the boxes everywhere and re-installing all my software, I've got a fast multiprocessor machine up and running (as you might have guessed from my /openMp /clr post below).

On the other hand, it is loud. Two Zalman CPU fans, 1 fan on the graphics board, power-supply fan, and 5 case fans. And I swear to god, it's making my office uncomfortably hot. I live in the tropics, and this thing's throwing out so many BTUs that it's outperforming the sun. I didn't go with water cooling, because...well...it's expensive and it scares me.