Database Refactoring: RedGate's SQL Dependency Tracker First Impression

Based on people commenting on my previous post, it looks like RedGate kind of "owns" the database-refactoring tools market. I downloaded the 14-day trial of SQL Dependency Tracker. It gives an excellent first impression: not a wizard interface, but very obvious how to start.

After you point it at your database, you see a diagram like this:

As you can see, I've selected one table and the tool highlights its dependencies.

One limitation is that the tool does not have a "Print" capability. I would like to print out a (huge, wall-sized) poster of the dependency for study. It does, though, have an "Export to image..." capability. If you save to .PNG it does not preserve detail, but if you save to .EMF, you can import it into Illustrator and divvy it up there.

Of course, the devil is in the details: does it accurately calculate relationships and dependencies? Coming to a conclusion on that will take more time.