Hau'oli makahiki hou!

Hoowee! Even with a bad cold, New Year's in Hawaii is a special thing: with July 4th, it is one of 2 days per year that fireworks are legal. I imagine that it's the Asian influence on the society, but for whatever reason, New Year's is much louder than the 4th. This year, our street had three houses that were doing it up and it was something like fireworks-in-the-round last night. And our dog Cheyenne is so deaf now that she didn't even freak out.

Life got in the way of my plans last year and I didn't achieve a single goal. So I'll just put them up again, because I'm nothing if not persistent:

  • Release at least one significant "long-tail" Web-based training resource;
  • Write at least one article to be sold by micropayments;
  • Develop professional-level competence in WinFX;
  • Maintain 6 AM - 2 PM working discipline;
  • Free-dive goals: 3 minutes; 100' depth;
  • Go surfing; 
  • Memorize the field marks, common, scientific, and Hawaiian names of the 50 most common reef fish in every developmental phase;
  • Figure out a fitness routine that isn't so "weekend warrior";
  • Rewrite my novel to submission-quality

Wishing nothing but the best to everyone in the coming year!