ScottEVest Cargo Shorts Can't Accommodate Moleskine Reporter

A few weeks ago, Scottevest Cargo Shorts were on sale. I've never owned a Scottevest product before, but they're well-reviewed, and if there's one piece of clothing a Hawaiian geek requires, it's capacious cargo shorts.

They're quite good looking and can handle a full load of iPod, wallet, digital camera, and phone. However, they have a critical flaw, of which I'm surprised given the company's clear understanding of their audience: there is no pocket that accommodates a Moleskine Reporter Notebook (or the slightly smaller and more casual Sherbert Notes 7"x5"). The "big" pockets on the Cargo Shorts are cut with an angled entry that writing-sized notebooks can't negotiate (see photo).

Of course the shorts can handle notecards or memo pads, which are sufficient for to-do lists and \<a href=""" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Hipster PDAs, but have you ever tried to record a non-trivial thought on a memo pad? Doesn't work. Perhaps the next release will solve this critical bug.