Poor Perseids, Battening Down For Flossie

We stayed over \<a href="http://www.plumhall.com/"" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Tom & Lana Plum's house last night, hoping to take advantage of their very dark skies to see the Perseids. Slept on the porch on thin mattresses, beautiful milky way / Sagittarius / Scorpio in the evening hours. Saw a couple nice earth-skimmers around midnight, and then dozed fitfully until 4AM for the "big show." Unfortunately, large portions of the sky were overcast so that only 1st magnitude stars shone through, and there was only a keyhole near Orion that gave a glimpse of a few meteors.

Drove home early to talk to our wall construction guys and I now see that Hurricane Flossie is projected to remain a Category 3 as it passes by and if it's north of the projected track at all, it will hit the Big Island. We *should * get significant protection from Mauna Loa and Hualalai mountains as long as the eye stays south of us and we're hit by the East-to-West portion. If the eye tracks north and we get West-to-East, that could potentially suck.