Off to Lang.NET


imageimageYesterday I went swimming on a coral reef in 100' visibility with whales singing so loud that I almost expected to see them underwater. For the next 3 days, I'll be in Seattle, where I assume they have this thing I hear about called "heating."

Actually, after canceling the trip because I had such a non-productive, unlucky, and generally lousy January I decided at the last minute that the best thing in the world for me was to be in a room filled with people who totally out-class me.

My plan had been to spend, like, 6 weeks developing something and then saying "Well, I threw this together on the flight over..." and then have people say "well, it sucks of course, but for a plane flight, it's not bad." Now I'll just sit quietly in the corner. I'll be the guy wearing three layers of sweater over an aloha shirt....