Ted Leung, Python-ista, joins Sun

Ted Leung has joined Sun to help support Python "in a similar fashion" to the JRuby project.

This is not just about Python on on the JVM. Sun will try to make its platforms, OpenSolaris and the JVM, the best place to develop and deploy Python applications.

But it's mostly about Python on the JVM. With IronPython approaching "fully baked" status, Python book sales up 31% over last year (http://radar.oreilly.com/Language_all.jpg), and applications like ResolverOne, Python is stealing some of the dynamic language thunder from Ruby.

The relative pace of Jython/JRuby and IronPython / IronRuby ought to provide plenty of ammunition for undoubtedly-overly-broad conclusions about the technical merits of the managed platforms and corporate cultures.